Books by Rebecca Klempner

Now available from Menucha Publishers:

Adina at her Best adina cover-3

(Recommended for ages 8 – 11)

Adina’s lack of attention and impulsive behavior are getting her in trouble at school and at home. But when the bus driver on her fieldtrip suffers a misadventure, Adina discovers she has strengths, too.

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The trajectory of Adina’s life within these three days—from getting in trouble for rude behavior towards a substitute teacher, to saving the day and subsequently asking for the help she needs—is both inspiring and realistic. If it helps just one reader decide that he, too, needs help—and that asking for assistance is not a weakness but something to be admired—then Klempner has not only written a page-turner, but one that could truly help change people’s lives.

– Talia Liben Yarmush’s review for The Jewish Home LA

glixman31Glixman in a Fix

(Recommended for ages 9 – 14)

Mendel Glixman keeps his classmates at arms length to protect his mother’s secret: she suffers from hoarding. But when he discovers his biochemist aunt has gone missing under mysterious circumstances, he’ll discover that his mother’s mental illness is the least of his problems.

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” In this original mystery novel for tweens, written in an engaging and somewhat addicting style, Glixman in a Fix tells the story of Mendel Glixman who, while struggling to keep ahead of his schoolwork, and make friends in his new school, also has to deal with a school bully, a social worker’s investigation and government agents and spies.”

– Rosally Saltsman’s review of Glixman in a Fix for The Jewish Home – LA

Read the rest of her review here in order to learn more about the book.

(Originally appeared as a serial in Binah Between.)

Older books:

 A Dozen Daisies for Raizy 

(Recommended for ages 4-7)

On the day before Shavuot, Raizy buys a bouquet of flowers in honor of the holiday. How many flowers will she still have when she arrives home? A story about chessed, holidays…and math!

“Here is a lovely Shavuot story of sharing all the mitzvot of the holiday with the entire community. The text is simple, with a cute count down sub-story.”

-Kathy Bloomfield on the site Forwords Books

Available with online booksellers or at a Jewish bookstore near you.

Mazal’s Luck Runs Out


(Recommended for ages 8-11)Mazal's new cover

Mazal Tehrani is an 11 year-old girl living in Los Angeles’s bustling Jewish community. Her first name means “luck,” and she’s always been just that: lucky. Mazal has great parents, adorable siblings, and her best friend, Bluma, really is the best! But when one thing goes wrong after another, she starts to wonder, is she lucky after all?

“Through the use of a light tone and humor, Klempner is able to explore important subjects, ones that almost all girls, whether Sephardi or Ashkenazi, struggle with at some point in their adolescence.” – Devorah Talia Gordon, writer and reviewer

Available via Amazon.

Sliding Doors and other stories

(Recommended for ages 11-16)

While home sick, a teen interrupts a burglary in progress…

A mysterious stranger offers a young man an extra hour, for one-time use…

Slipping into an alternate universe, a girl discovers a few surprises…

A teenager lacking social skills adjusts to his new yeshiva…

Rebecca Klempner’s serials, short stories, essays, and articles have appeared in publications such as Binah BeTweenBinyan, Twirl and Aim!. In Sliding Doors and other Stories, Mrs. Klempner has collected 17 of her finest stories and one essay in a single volume sure to please old fans and new ones.

“Even for readers like myself, who aren’t fans of sci-fi, Klempner’s fantastical stories are appealing. Through this medium, Klempner makes delicate topics easy to explore; the reader willingly enters a slightly askew reality where the implausible becomes possible.” – Devorah Talia Gordon, writer and reviewer

Available via Amazon.


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