Looking for a book reviewer?

Information, ColorEDIT, Feb. 26, 2021: I continue to get many requests to review books, but I am no longer doing so. Please do not send any requests for book reviews.

I receive a lot of requests for book reviews. Most people receive a no. Reading the following information increases the likelihood I will say yes.

  • Currently, I review about one book a month, usually for The Jewish Home L.A. That is a bi-weekly newspaper for Jews ranging from traditional through Orthodox who live in L.A. I also interview authors of new releases for my blog.
  • I prefer to review books that are Jewish in content, not just by Jews or about Jews. That means I’m more likely to review a book by a non-Jewish author but about Jewish history, culture, or ideas than a book by someone Jewish but which does not reflect Jewish history, culture, or ideas.
  • I am particularly interested in books by authors from the Los Angeles metropolitan area or which are set in Los Angeles.
  • Do not send me books that contain any of the following: foul language, racist language, excessive violence, or anything but the most modest romance. Books should also not endorse practices that run counter to the lifestyle of Orthodox Jews (these may be mentioned, but cannot be promoted in the book). Such books will not survive the editorial review of The Jewish Home L.A. 
  • Just because you send a book does not mean I can promise a positive review or any review at all. However, I will not publish a negative review without offering you the choice between no review or that honest, but negative one.
  • Sometimes I will say no because of time constraints/previous bookings or because the genre is one I don’t enjoy (and thus, can’t review because I’m most likely going to hate the book for reasons that have nothing to do with your writing). Please do not take a no as an attack on the quality of your book or as a personal slight.
  • I do not accept money from authors or publishers for reviews of their books. Nor do I provide reviews for marketing purposes. This is to ensure that my readers get a review that honestly reflections my opinions. However, I do accept payment from newspapers and magazines who run reviews.
  • Finally, as of September 2019, I no longer review any books longer than picture book length that are not sent in a paper/print format. It is very challenging for me to read digital copies and even harder for me to read them with the level of comprehension, analysis, and focus necessary for quality reviewing. Ask me first if I’d like to review the book, I’ll pitch it to see if I can find a venue for the review, and if we are “on,” I’ll tell you where to sent the print copy.

2 thoughts on “Looking for a book reviewer?

  1. Hi Rebecca,
    I enjoyed reading your interesting interview with author Batya Ruddell.
    All the best,
    Menucha Chana Levin


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