In Magazines…

cropped-possible-header-eight.jpgMy work for tweens, teens, and adults appears in Jewish magazines, including Tablet, Hamodia, Kveller, Binah,, Ami, and Mishpacha.

Missed me in print? Try these links to my work online:

Click the links below to see samples of my work in PDF form!

  • Dream again” In this sci-fi short, a father – overwhelmed with the financial stresses of raising a family – decides to sell his dreams for profit. (Originally appeared in Hamodia in March 2013. Reprinted with permission.)
  • It’s all in his head” In this sci-fi story, a newcomer to school excels beyond expectation. But what is the cause of his success? (Originally appeared in Aim! from Ami Magazine in 2011.)
  • The Lightbulb Dress” A young girl thinks her grandmother’s gifts are always perfect, until now. (Originally appeared in Mishpacha Junior in 2010.)
  • Every Jew Means Shlomo Too” When an autistic boy joins a day school class, how can the students welcome him? (Originally appeared in Mishpacha Junior in 2011.)
  • So you want to work for the CIA” Juvenile feature about the CIA. (Originally appeared in Aim! in 2011.)

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