The Right tools for the Write job

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Each writer has a unique toolbox of implements they use while writing.
I could be speaking metaphorically, but in this case, I’m talking about actual tools. Most writers have a very special relationship with computers, word processing programs, desks, paper, journals, pens, highlighters, folders, and the like. There are favorite brands and coveted models of all these writing implements.
Most writers have very strong opinions on at least some of these items. There are Moleskin fans, Mac devotees, people who swear by fat .9 mechanical pencil points, and others who want only a black Bic Stick with a fine tip.
Sometimes, I “test drive” pens. I’m not the only one–have you ever gone to store and found the display covered in squiggles and John Hancocks? Pentel, Biro, Bic, PaperMate, and Pilot all have their advocates. Check out this great blog with comparisons of different types of pens, markers, and paper for use by wordsmiths.
And here’s an example of how some writers creatively re-purpose items not normally associated with writing for their exploits.
Recently, I caved into my cheapskate habits and purchased a $0.99 composition book to use as a journal. I think I’ll have to discard it soon…I’m not using my journal like I usually do.
This seems silly, but having the right instruments makes writing more pleasurable–and therefore, you’re less likely to avoid sitting down and getting to work. (It also helps to have a comfortable chair at your computer desk.)
Currently, I prefer a blue gel pen (Pilot is my fav), medium point only. My preferred notebook is hardcover with a spiral binding so that the pages lie flat. And a pretty picture on the cover helps. That’s for journaling, outlining, diagramming–all that pre-writing work. I sometimes do my very first draft in the notebook, too, but then I switch to the computer. I’m pretty flexible on the Mac vs. PC issue, but I HATE, HATE, HATE laptops.
Did I mention that authors have strong opinions on these subjects?
Care to share yours?

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  1. Hey! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I also am proud of the way I look and i get a lot of compliments from non Jews too so I feel like I'm making a kiddush Hashem. So happy to meet another blogger/author! Can't wait to see your work!xoSharon


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