Heads Up on a Nifty Article & a Cloudy Recommendation

A Car That Goes FarYael Mermelstein, the wonderful Jewish author, is profiled in this past week’s (Parshas Toldos) Inyan Magazine found inside the HaModia newspaper. Immediately following the article is the first of a new two-part story by Mrs. Mermelstein. In the profile, Mrs. Mermelstein gives excellent advice about how to start writing as a career or as a hobby. If you are at all interested in this topic, I recommend reading the article.

And here are links to a couple of posts I’ve written on the topic–some of the advice is the same as Mrs. Mermelstein’s, but there are other hints, as well.



On a totally different topic, I have to tell you that the cloud has now officially saved my -ahem!- tush. My computer died on Thanksgiving day, resulting in a second replacement of its hard drive. Aside from the back up drive that supposedly saves all our updated files every two weeks, I’ve been relying on the cloud to preserve all my new documents daily. The result–my computer flaked, but I still have my novel, with up-to-date copies of my revision-in-progress. I HIGHLY recommend that all serious writers maintain multiple backups of all files (hard copies, stored in cloud, exterior drive, etc.).

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