Went into exile, but have returned

Quite in keeping with the recent Torah portions, our family went into exile and has now returned! Due to some work on our apartment, we had to move out for most of last week. Where we were staying, I didn’t have my normal computer and internet access. I’m catching up with some work and unpacking the boxes still, so you’ll have to hold on a bit longer for a real post.

In the meantime, my husband just bought me an ergonomic keyboard and therapeutic gloves to counter recent hand/wrist pain. We’re looking into the best mouse to alleviate this ache, too. Anyone got a recommendation? Or a recommendation for useful exercises and such?

8 thoughts on “Went into exile, but have returned

  1. Mrs. Klempner,

    You may want to consider switching the mouse from the right side to the left side, and using the opposite hand for a while. I had wrist pain from the mouse at one time, back in grad school, and that strategy worked well for me.

    Refuah Sh’layma!

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  2. Several things:

    I did what Nathaniel suggested for a while and it alleviated some pain.

    Rob and I both have trackball mouses (link below) at home and I love them.

    The real solution for me were my Ergo Rests (link below) because the real culprit was lack of elbow support. Once my elbows were consistently supported, my tendonitis (and the resulting arm and hand pain) went away for real. I don’t have the Ergo Rests at home (though I need to get another pair), but I do make sure my keyboard is set back far enough that my elbow can rest on a gel pad. That helps.

    1. Extend your arm and put your hand up (as if telling someone, “STOP!”). Using your other hand, GENTLY pull the fingers of the extended hand toward you. It will stretch everything across your hand and arm.

    2. Someone also suggested to me to use a thick produce rubber band as a resistance band around all your non-thumb digits (put the band on, then spread out your fingers). Both of those stretches feel good–not sure they solve problems long-term.

    Trackball mouse:



    • I looked at that mouse, but I was worried that the trackball might start up pain in my thumb! I guess if you and Rob haven’t found that to be a problem I should go pick one of those up.


  3. My friend jd has had to deal with extreme pain to the extent that she’s had to find technological solutions to avoid using her hands. I believe she uses voice-to-text tools a lot. If you’re interested, I can find out more. You might also consider doing some writing the old-fashioned way to add variation. Could be interesting…?


    • Thanks for the extra hint. I know a few writers who use voice-to-text tools. I’m not ready to go that route yet, though…Hopefully, G-d will protect me (and everyone!) from that level of pain. Yeow!


  4. I don’t have any suggestions just wanted to stop by to wish you the best in finding the right mouse and stretches etc. I do get hand and arm pain from time to time and find that a forced time help. Not that I like to force myself off the computer. It’s probably a sign (for me) during those times that I’ve spent too much time on it though!


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