My Review of the Recent Sydney Taylor Bio

When I posted last week, I realized that I failed to post when my review of From Sarah to Sydney: The Woman Behind All-of-a-Kind Family ran in the Winter Issue of The Jewish Review of Books.

Many readers will recognize Sydney Taylor’s name either from her All-of-a-Kind books or from the award that bears her name, which is used to honor writers of Jewish children’s literature each year. This new biography–by the late June Cummins, completed by her colleague Alexandra Dunietz–describes a woman who contributed not only to writing, but to dance and theater, and whose personal life is illustrative of Ashkenazi Jewish women of her time and place. A particular challenge of writing the review was that the book was not yet completed by its primary author when she died of ALS.

A young Sarah Brenner–later to become Sydney Taylor–appears on the cover of Cummins’s biography.

You can read my review in The Jewish Review of Books here.

4 thoughts on “My Review of the Recent Sydney Taylor Bio

  1. Oh wow. I loved those books. I used to read them when I was like in 4th grade I think. I can’t see your review in the link. The link is broken it seems. 404 error. I’d love to read it. I didn’t picture her to look like that. Ha. So young looking on that cover.

    Do you remember the Marilyn Sachs books? I was into those too.

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