How do you do it? part 2

I realized after I wrote about my writing process that I left a lot of steps out that other people might find helpful.

1) Write regularly. This can mean once a day or once a week. Give yourself a deadline even if no one else is giving you one. It’ll force you to get SOMETHING down on paper.
2) When you have no ideas, don’t say, “I have writer’s block,” and give up.

a) Write down everything you’ve done today. If you have a strong emotional reaction to something or want to go on a wacky tangent, do it.

b) Pick up one of the lists you’ve written (I mentioned this in the last blog). Write about one of the topics you listed.

 c) write a list of three reasons you simply cannot write today.

3) Also, read your “completed” work out loud even if it’s just to yourself. You will probably catch a lot of grammatical errors or typos that way. This is even more effective if you’ve printed out. If you’ve been looking at the same document so much that it dances in front of your face, wait a couple days, change the font, THEN print out and re-read aloud.
4) Don’t worry about whether a rough draft is good or not. Just get it out. You can always fix it (or hide it) later.

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