The Stuff You Find When Cleaning Your Kid’s Room

Looking to make storytime more interactive with your kids? I was reshelving books in my kids’ room today, and came across this book:
Fox's Best Trick Ever
This “We Both Read” book is one of a series put out by Treasure Bay. What sets these charming books apart is that the books are meant for young readers to share with an adult. Each pair of facing pages contains a page on the left with adult-level words, and a page on the right with leveled vocabulary perfect for the child to read. The parent/teacher and child work together to tell the story, building it jointly. It really enhances the bonding element of bedtime reading, and that coupled with the ease of reading the “kids” page often motivates the reluctant reader.
(You can take turns reading a more traditional text–I find the strategy highly effective with my newest reader at home–but these books make it EASY.)
There are fiction and non-fiction titles in the “We Both Read” series, many multicultural selections, and levels K-3. For more information, follow the link below.

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