Soundtrack to the novel I’m working on

(picture by Thunder Circus on Flickr)
I’ve been wasting a lot of my precious post-bedtime lately. I’m supposed to be finishing my book, but I find myself listening to groovy music instead. In theory, it’s helping identify with various characters and create atmosphere, but honestly, I’m still pretty much avoiding real work. Here are some highlights.

“Infinity” by Shtar

“Running Away” by Matisyahu (cover of a Bob Marley song)
“I Can’t Be with You” by the Cranberries (female vocalist)
the Diwon remix of “Acharon Acharon, Chaviv” by Lipa Shmeltzer
“You are Never Alone” by Socalled
“Chalomot shel Acherim” by the Idan Raichel Project
“Rachmana” by Ta-Shma
“The Only One” by Moshav
“Down in the Now” by the Crystal Method (with Matisyahu)

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