So little time, so many books to write…

I’ve been busy recently with editing projects, creating a new website (for family campers), and dealing with the general craziness in the Klempner family. That means that I haven’t been doing my own writing very much in the last month. I sat down today to revise something I worked on a couple of weeks ago in my writers’ critique group, and it felt divine. Ahhhh…

Another thing that kept me busy for the past month was an author visit. I read A Dozen Daisies for Raizy just in time for Shavuot & we did a great art project with the students (here are a couple more Raizy tie-in project suggestions…1&2). As usual, the kids wanted to know if there were any more books written about Raizy. I had to explain (again) that in fact I’ve written two sequels, one of which has never been published, the other of which was revised with a different central character and longer format, then published as a short story in Mishpacha Jr. 

I miss Raizy. But rejection letters have demoralized me. I haven’t even tried to write a sequel for quite a while. I’m planning to write another novel this summer, but I think I’ll also try my hand (again) at a follow-up to Raizy. 

I’ve already started brainstorming and scribbling away in my little notebook.

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