Still need a daisy? 6 years of Raizy

My picture book, A Dozen Daisies for Raizy, has now been out for six years. With Shavuos just around the corner, I know that parents and teachers will be teaching about the holiday –some using my book, some not — and I thought I’d provide a few links to help them.

Creative Jewish Mom posted a beautiful Mt. Sinai project that looks a lot like the page where Raizy imagines her flowers on Har Sinai. I’ve done something similar before where we painted the mountain, then — after the paint dried — we added Raizy’s daisies by dipping out fingers in fingerpaint by using our thumbs for the centers and our pinky fingers for the petals.

Speaking of Mt. Sinai, Kveller posted a recipe for a cute Mt. Sinai-shaped muffin on their blog.

A couple of years ago, after a school visit, I posted a post with several flower projects to tie in with Raizy. You’ll find those here.

Finally, this post from last year has some more links to art projects.

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