When the trolls try to drag those you love under the bridge.

knight fights troll

“Take that, you nasty troll! Maybe you’ll think twice before saying mean things about my sister again!”

I hate trolls.

Not the fictional kind. The internet kind. I’ve blogged about it before.

But now, my sister has published her first piece on Tablet. And the very first comment she got was from a troll. A mean, nasty one who called her names.

If getting mean-spirited comments from random strangers is bad, having your sister get them is worse. I’m irate! I’m disgusted.

I have commented.

Fair readers: go read my sister’s essay — and say something nice in the comments. (Even if it means you have to learn how to use Discus.)


One thought on “When the trolls try to drag those you love under the bridge.

  1. I read your sister’s post and I have to say I understand more why woman in Jewish faith don’t have male friends BUT it is with every faith. I don’t have a ton of male friends. I have one close male friend and we’ve even drifted apart over the years.

    I have male friends that are friends with my husband too but more my husband’s friends.

    I hope that your sister can confide more in her husband now. At least she saw she needed to change. Some never do.

    Thanks for sharing.


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