Long time, no write

You might have noticed that I haven’t published anything in about three weeks. There are reasons for that.

Life is complicated. Sometimes that adds spice to my writing. And sometimes it pretty much shoots any attempts at writing at point blank range.

I haven’t posted in a while because of life. There has been more craziness in the Klempner household than usual, and that’s kinda saying a lot. There have been positive sources of craziness (mostly involving Purim), neutral sources of craziness (jury duty and household repairs that involve lots of sawing and banging), bad sources of craziness (small, cute people with fevers and our third battle with lice this school year), and very, very bad sources of craziness.

The number one very, very bad source of craziness is that a week before Purim, my sister and I learned of our father’s death.

The only writing I’ve really done since then has been letters to relatives and writing about my father and so on.

Right now, I’m in a bit of a muddle. I’ll be posting again soon, I hope.

Anyway, usually I close out posts with requests for comments. This time, I ask you do not comment. However, if you have a relative with whom you’ve been out of touch — and the reason is unrelated to actual abuse of any kind — I would very much appreciate it if you made peace with the person. Please do it in memory of Dovid Pesach ben Avraham Avinu. Thanks.

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