3 thoughts on “Too busy prepping for Passover to write a full post, but…

  1. Bravo!

    Your story was captivating! Maybe it’s because I also did the “Jewish-college-student/grad-student-angst” thing years ago (feels like an eon). I was deeply impressed by your ability to get into the head of a 37-year-old male with a literally hopeless crush on a lady who slips away from him twice.

    Thank you and keep them coming.

    Chag kasher v’sameach!


  2. Chag sameach to both of you!

    It’s really funny, because while I was working on this story, I had a conversation with Ruchama King Feuerman (I think the interview is somewhere here on this blog) about her most recent novel (at the time…she’s got another out now). The story alternated between two viewpoints, both of whom were male.

    So I asked her about writing from the male POV, and she said something like, “Well, it helps me write without having to confront my baggage.”

    And it was interesting, because I think when I write male characters, I still dip into my baggage! Pretty much all my characters contain snippets of my personality, as well as some of the issues those around me have confronted.

    There was a great essay that came out last week that talked about this: http://www.jewishbookcouncil.org/_blog/The_ProsenPeople/post/some-thoughts-about-autobiographical-novels/ . I highly recommend reading it.


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