On Staycation

Try not to be too disappointed, but I don’t expect to be posting very much on this blog over the summer. I’ve got some kiddos home, and we’re doing our usual “family camp” thing.

If you are interested in fun stuff to do while staycationing/vacationing/killing time in Los Angeles, you can peep over at my other blog, where I share tips on the subject.

3 thoughts on “On Staycation

  1. enjoy your staycation! I used to do the same here in Philly. Our libraries offer tons of free shows, free activities and crafts. enjoy the summer!!


  2. Enjoy! We did Mommy camp last summer, and I loved it. We’ve just done a version of Mommy camp for the last two months or so (since we moved to Cleveland, really), and I am just now getting back into reading blogs. It’s been so hectic with all my kids home. B”H!!!!!


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