I’m on a mission from G-d. (Only half joking, folks.)

Another writing gig landed at my feet, and it connects to the theme of the last article I published: female leadership in the Orthodox community. Meanwhile, half the things I’ve read in the last couple weeks seem to touch on the topic of leadership. I feel like G-d is sending me a little message: WRITE ABOUT THIS.

I wrote about feminism in the Jewish context a while back, in the form of a personal essay. I’ve wanted to write more about the particular spin I have on feminism for a while – a spin that has made me unpopular with some readers and a bit of a heroine with others. Unfortunately, it can be too easy to be dry and didactic when writing on such topics. I don’t really want to set myself up for being a pundit, either. And I’m not sure if people really want to read another rant of mine on the topic of how retrograde Second Wave “feminists” tend to ignore genuine female power when it’s right in front of them.

But now, G-d seems to be showing me another way to accomplish my desired goal without falling into those potential traps. If I keep writing profiles of women who are indeed showing strong examples of feminine leadership in the frum (observant Jewish) world — leadership that doesn’t require rabbinical ordination or egalitarian synagogue worship — I’m teaching other women an alternate route to be leaders. It’s showing, not telling, and that’s what I’m good at, isn’t it?

Keep your eyes peeled in December for my next article on the topic. G-d willing, it’ll appear about halfway through the month. In the meantime, I’ll be fishing around for another outstanding Jewish woman to profile.


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