Erika Dreifus posted a Q & A with me! Wow!

Erika Dreifus is known to many in the book world – especially in the Jewish book world – as an author, social media maven (currently with Fig Tree Books), and advocate for other writers. Her site is a great resource for writers, with interviews, tips, links, and opportunities for jobs and publishing.

I was very excited (and nervous) a couple weeks ago, when she asked if I’d do a Q & A with her about Sliding Doors and other stories. Eventually, I consented. The results are up on her blog and you can mosey along there to see them. 

Thank you, Erika!

5 thoughts on “Erika Dreifus posted a Q & A with me! Wow!

    • It was hard, because I wanted to be honest, but not sound like dealing with mashgichim is the hugest downer in the world. One of the funniest things that’s happened to me is realizing that non-frum, non-Jewish editors ALSO have an editorial slant…it’s just different. I’ve had to change things a couple times for other publications because they didn’t like a particular line for opposite reasons to those an Inyan or Binah editor would have.


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