Trade-offs: editing vs writing

I’ve been spending a lot of time copyediting (and proofreading and plain ole editing) the last couple weeks.

I have not been spending a lot of time writing.

I have mixed feelings. Editing brings in money. It is easier. I get paid faster, at least usually. I get a certain pleasure from helping other people sound clever and polished.

But I have my own projects to complete. In between editing, I’ve been revising a story I wrote last year, and I wrote a tiny piece of flash fiction yesterday while my kids did their homework at the library. However, I’ve got more to write, so much more. The ideas zoom around my head at night.

I worry that I’m trading a bit of quick money for my own creative accomplishments. Yet there are bills to pay.


4 thoughts on “Trade-offs: editing vs writing

  1. You need to find the balance that works for you. For the time being (before landing that big-time publishing contract that brings instant fame and fortune), remember to thank Hashem that editing requires no commute to a distant office and none of the other hassles that many working professionals need to tolerate. To find that balance, it may help to visualize your ideal day and then strive to schedule your editing and writing time to fit into that vision.

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