Okay, I know it’s been months, but…

I’ve been very much neglecting this blog, it’s true. I’ve been using my time (mostly) wisely. I got a second critique group up and running here in L.A., I’ve made progress on my next novel, have continued to increase my editing hours, and…okay, I’ll admit it: I’ve done some slacking, too.

Not much exciting is going on around here. The most significant professional news in the short-term is that I got the cover of Glixman in a Fix (the release of which was pushed back until either Purim or Passover) in my email today. It’s so much fun. I’m hoping kids get real pleasure from reading it now as a novel.

I’m also working on a couple short stories. I’ve cut out most of my non-fiction writing. While I appreciated the money it pulled in, the deadlines kept preventing me from completing the work that is more time-consuming and closer to my heart.

Another small item of interest (I hope): I’m going to try a new thing. I’m picking one day of the week, and write just a tiny, 200-300 word post each time it rolls around. Hopefully, that will keep my blog more up-to-date, and help me keep in touch better with readers. G-d willing, I’ll see you ’round here next Wednesday!

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