Well, that was an extended absence…

Sorry I totally disappeared for a while there! Aside from the obvious (the Jewish holidays that crowd Tishrei), I had other reasons for going AWOL. The biggest one is that I started a new writing gig! I have a new humor column in The Jewish Home Los Angeles, so I’ve been writing that in edition to my usual fiction and editing regimen.

Here’s my last column: https://jewishhomela.com/2017/09/28/humor-an-angeleno-sukkos/

The next one is due out on newstands in L.A. tomorrow.

Now that Simchas Torah is over, I’m hoping to return to my weekly blogging schedule already in progress.

Aside from the new column, my big writing goal in the short term is attempting NaNoWriMo for the first time. That means I’ll be attempting to write the first draft of an entire novel in the month of November! I’ve been working on a plot outline, doing a tiny but necessary bit of research, and will be creating some character profiles, too, before November arrives. That should make the writing process go a little smoother, I think.

Anyone else out there planning to write a novel in November?

9 thoughts on “Well, that was an extended absence…

  1. I’m planning on finishing the draft of a novel in November. NaNoWriteMo is still a little unrealistic for me, given all the current time constraints. Perhaps in another year I’ll be able to start and finish a full draft in one month.

    Wishing you hatzlacha!

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    • Several people have told me they are doing the same thing: adding to an already existing manuscript. It’s definitely a good way to go.

      In my case, the manuscript will be much shorter than a usual novel, and I will most likely not reach the typical NaNoWriMo target. I’m B”H and bli ayin hara already in touch with an editor (the novel was solicited by her) and so she has a very specific length, etc. she’s looking for.


    • B”H for rain holding off! We didn’t get rain, either, and the heat, while too warm for my taste, was mostly horrible during one day of chol hamoed (so we just ate early in the morning and near dark, not at noon). Then it reached the 90s right after Simchas Torah.

      Thank G-d for air conditioning.


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