On Writing About Writing: a guest post by Miriam Hendeles, author of Mazel Tov, It’s a Bubby!

Mazel Tov! It's a Bubby!

Miriam’s Book!

Today’s guest post is from my partner in crime writing, Miriam Hendeles.

What do writers write about? We write about our lives and our families. Some of us write about our struggles and triumphs. Others write about philosophies and opinions; hope and dreams.

We tell stories, and conduct interviews; we compose lists and craft essays.

We even write about “Writing.” Now what is there to tell, conduct, compose and craft about Writing?

So much. We can write about the writing process, solutions to writer’s block, publishing opportunities, strategies for success, online writing techniques, SEO, PLR and myriad other acronyms. Bloggers and gurus craft advice to the masses on how to become the most polished, pithy, and popular Writer. You see, many writers choose to write about Writing, because if we write about Writing, we know we are guaranteed an audience, comprised of the following loyal and faithful readers:

Writers. Wannabe writers. Bloggers. Publishers. Agents. Editors.

But when we do not write about Writing? Then who is our audience?

Random Interested Persons of Non-Writing topic.

For example, if someone wants to write about carpentry, one can do so, but will not be guaranteed a large audience. Carpenters are busy building furniture, and don’t have time to read carpentry manuals all day.

So writing about Writing, we are guaranteed an audience that is expansive. The tribe of writers is thirsty for material on Writing.

Now writing about Writing about Writing is also a good topic. Why? Because the audience for writers about Writers about Writers includes an even larger pool.

Here is the audience of the w about W about W:

You. You, who are reading this post are reading my Writing. And if you have not noticed, I have just written about Writers who write about Writers.

I hope you enjoyed this because this will likely be the last time I write about Writing. And the first (and last time) I write about Writing about Writing.

I will simply remain a Grandmother who Writes. Period.

Miriam Hendeles is a wife, mother, grandmother, and freelance author as well as an accomplished music therapist. She appears in this week’s “Close Ups” column in Binah Magazine. You can find her on the Web at: http://bubbyjoysandoys.com.

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