Pesach Limericks for Maggid (because I need a break from my kitchen right now)

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On the way outta there!

Many of us have memories of childhood seders. Even when the memories are fond ones (like these shared recently by Jessica Soffer on the Prosen People blog), we were often confused by the Maggid section of the Haggadah. I’ve pried myself from the kitchen to share some wacky Passover poetry to read a the seder during Maggid, hoping it’ll help.

Chag kasher v’sameach, chaverim! (“Have a kosher and joyous holiday, friends!”)

Even if you were an Einstein,

Or Richard Feynman in his prime,

You’d still need seder

Just like kids in cheder

To learn about slavery times.


Five rabbis lived in Bnei Brak.

They made a big seder that rocked.

They stayed up all night

‘Til dawn’s early light

When a student cried, “Look at the clock!”


Rabbi Elazar once said, “I’m not old,

“Although my hair’s silver, not gold.

“G-d turned it all white

“So they’d no long fight

“My rulings although they sound bold.”


“The days of your life” is a lot

Though include the nights, it does not.

But say, “All the days,”

When saying the phrase,

And we know to read haggadah at nacht.


Please add more limericks in the comments below! Topics should be the counting of the miracles at the Reed Sea or other “confusing” parts of Maggid.

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