Three in one shot!

Readers of Binah this week will see a lot of me.

This week’s Binah Magazine contains three pieces by yours truly:

  • My regular episode of Glixman in a Fix inside Binah BeTween
  • A stand alone for tweens and teens in the same supplement, entitled “A Sweet Find”
  • A personal essay in the main magazine, called “Hitting the Road.”

“A Sweet Find” was inspired by the antics of my grandmother, may she live to 120. She’s one of those people who saves things, and has been digging through her treasures a lot recently. As a person who doesn’t generally get sentimental over objects, it’s sometimes hard for me to identify with Grandma’s feelings. But once in a while, something Grandma finds in her stash touches me, and I wrote a fictional story about a character who shares this experience.

In “Hitting the Road,” I confess my driving phobia and explain how I finally conquered it. Next week, I’ll be completing my first year of driving carpool!

Has anyone out there had a phobia and written about it? Please share in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Three in one shot!

  1. Okay, so we already know that you and I are like-minded in many ways. But now we can count on one more quality we share: I, too, am a fearful driver (does “anxious” sound less wimpy?). I *did* think about writing something that dealt with the subject; before I knew it, I’d written this short story instead:

    I’m guessing that I can’t read any of the three pieces online? Only in the print magazine? Grrr. But also: mazal tov! (On the publications & on conquering your fear!)


  2. The link worked! I’m gonna read your story as a reward when I finish the first draft of the tweeny short story I’m working on right now!

    I’m so happy to be driving again, but I’ve still got a ways to go. This summer, I’m hoping to expand my night driving and maybe — just maybe! — get back on the freeway.


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