Let’s take a moment to break for poetry

Sorry for the sparse posts in recent weeks. Things have been a little crazy ’round here. I took a trip up to the Bay area to see my sister, came home and got a burn on my dominant hand that was serious enough to send me to the ER in the back of an ambulance (I hope to share a personal essay with my readers about that experience soon). Thank G-d, I’m now on the mend and in the midst of several deadlines.

But just to let y’all know I haven’t forgotten you, I’m going to share a piece of poetry I wrote while waiting for my sister to pick me up at the train station in San Jose.

No Stopping, Fire Lane

Everyone just ignores the sign

No Stopping

Fire Lane

Just stopping for a moment, they say.

I’ll be quick.

It’s just a drop.

Some hug and kiss


Look over their shoulder and wave.

Others step out of the car without even a backward glance.

No goodbye.

I wait at the curb.

It’s hotter inside the train station than outside it.

Someone waves as they approach.

I wave back before I realize

they’re not waving at me.


I hope

My ride will pull up,

and she’ll ignore the sign



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