Liked Wired for Story? 3 articles about brain science and creativity

I already blogged about the delightful Wired for Story. Recently, I read some other articles about what neuropsychology tells us about writing. I thought I’d share the links to 3 of them with my audience members today.

1) Why do writers while away hours in a cafe?

From Psychology Today: We’ve all heard the jokes about writers hanging out in cafes. (For the comic representation of this trope, see Bo’s Cafe Life.) Does lingering in coffee shops really promote creativity? Yes, it does. Here’s why.

2) Is there any truth to the stereotype of the mad genius?

From The Atlantic: What happens when a writer becomes a doctor and studies the overlap of creativity and mental illness? This.

3) Do professionals really do it better?

From The NY Times: How do the brains of amateur and professional writers differ? Find out here.

Have you read any interesting news about writing? Share in the comments, please.


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