Can we just get this over with?

I am sick of writing my serial.

There, I’ve said it.

This week, I’ve resolved to crank this puppy out as fast as humanly possible, because I fear it has taken over my writing life. I haven’t written a piece of fiction in months other than episodes of Glixman in a Fix.

serial title image

Can I just kill off Mendel’s Aunt Rina?

If I didn’t have readers come over to me every couple weeks and tell me how much they look forward to each episode, I think I would have thrown in the towel already.

I have a bad, baaaaaad feeling that some editor will approach me as soon as this serial is done and ask me to write another. And I will have to exercise self-control and say, “No,” even though it’s nice consistent money (as Mr. K. likes to remind me), and all the Binah Bunch readers in L.A. will stop me in the street and guilt trip me. (“But Mrs. Klempner, why did you have to finish up the story so fast? That other serial went on for 74 episodes!”) I just don’t think I can do this again any time soon.

I’m not even sure that I’m doing such a good job, but the kiddos keep approaching me with “Why did Mendel do that?” and “Please, Mrs. Klempner, PLEASE tell me what happens next week!” so I guess at least some of the readers are hooked.

You can tell me to cultivate patience. You can tell me the end is in sight. All I want to do right now is eat chocolate and finish the serial off.


And with that, I’m off to work on Episode 38.

Please share in the comments if you’ve ever started a writing project you felt would never end? Did you finish it? Were you happy with it afterward? Brownie points for comments by people who have published serials themselves.

7 thoughts on “Can we just get this over with?

  1. I have never worked on a serial…and so I admire the serial writers….please don’t kill of Aunt Rina or anyone! I want a happy ending…I think it’s a great story – very creative…and I’m really attached to the characters. I feel like they are very real and authentic….great job!


    • I wrote something that appeared in the Sukkos Supplement for Hamodia that didn’t have a picture-perfect happy ending. My eldest hit the roof! I think if Mendel doesn’t get a happy ending, he’ll move out…


  2. I’ve never written a serial but I have had my share of professional and personal projects that just…wouldn’t…end. And one was just put on hold until January.

    I’m mentally handing you chocolate.


  3. Nope. Not really. I enjoy writing, and the satisfaction never ends! I want you to know that I enjoy your serial in Binah, and I think that the plot is intricately weaved, and beautiful. I think that Mendel should find out the the FBI whatever people are really just dressing up, and the FBI is not really interested in them. Aunt Rina and her husband should move somewhere exotic, and then that’s done with. The mom’s cramping with the house will be OK, since it’s clean when the visitor comes. Everything ends in the midst of mediocrity, since the Mom should end up needing therapy or something, and Mendel is embarrassed; but otherwise, he and his family are AOK.
    Actually, what I said there on the top is only partially true. Sometimes I get sick writing a particular piece!
    Another idea would to make a contest – it’s one lucky reader’s job to finish up the story. You don’t have to offer a prize; the real prize for the kid is seeing his or her name in print, and his or her story published!
    If your editor is not OK with that, and you don’t like my suggestions, then SHOULD keep on going. You’ll be glad that you did.


    • Part of me would LOVE to make a contest for the best ending…but then the perfectionist in me says, “HEY! What if they write an ending I despise!” Guess that means I should finish up… 🙂


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