Summer Update

I’ll hopefully post again soon (maybe with haiku!) but first a confession: I have barely written a word since my kids started summer vacation.

If I start to talk about my feelings on this topic, there will likely be tears involved, and I’m not in the mood. Perhaps I’ll post about it later.

hotrod die cast model on board

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on

However, I did write something right before school was out, and it ran in Tablet Magazine last week. “Game Over” is a personal essay–a nice, short read–about playing board games on long, summertime Shabbat afternoons and how a recent losing streak revealed a bit more of my inner ugly than I would have expected. You can read it here.

2 thoughts on “Summer Update

  1. I didn’t notice your piece on Tablet until you pointed it out.

    Usually I spend most of Shabbat afternoon asleep or in shul and shiur, but in lockdown my parents and I have been playing games. Mostly Rummikub, which I haven’t managed to win yet! I did win a game of Scrabble against Dad though (Mum wasn’t feeling well enough to play). Perhaps fortunately I’m not very competitive. My sister is VERY competitive, especially over finding the afikoman. At least now I can put my poor hand-eye coordination in outdoor games to autism…

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