The Ups and Downs of Writing Life

I was feeling a little cranky earlier today. Okay–more than a little. I’ve hit the point in a particular revision which I’m working on when I have to start writing new material, not just tidying up what was previously written. And I found out this morning that a program which wants to reprint one of my books will be doing so *at least* another year in the future (I was informed I’d made their list a year ago). The program comes with a stipend for authors, and I would love to receive my cash sooner rather than later.

So, yeah, feeling demoralized.

Anyway, last week, I’d noticed that the sales of my first book, A Dozen Daisies for Raizy, had gone up. The book takes place on the day before the holiday of Shavuos, which I figured was boosting sales. I also tried to work a little social media muscle to make sure people knew the book was back in print and how to reach it. I decided at about noon today to check where sales are at THIS week.


Raizy moving up in amazon rankingImagine my surprise. This wasn’t a new book–it’s over a decade old! My original readers are in their late teens now, no longer into picture books for themselves and too young to want a copy of Raizy for their children or students. I’m assuming I have some new readers due to increased social media reach and/or parents are buying books usually found in their Hebrew school or Jewish day school library.

I’ve had librarians call that book a classic, and maybe this is a sign that it really is.

It heartened me a bit.

(I checked my other books and Adina at Her Best, which was underperforming previously, seems to have gotten a tiny bump in sales recently and also had a really thorough and kind customer review I hadn’t yet seen.)

I’m still feeling like I’m trapped in a hamster wheel. Still wondering when will I sell my next book. But I’m a teensy-weensy bit more optimistic that I’m not completely wasting my time by writing.

2 thoughts on “The Ups and Downs of Writing Life

    • Thanks! The ironic part of it is that is my only book I sold outright–I have no rights to it, so I don’t receive royalties! But, God-willing, that it’s still selling after 12 years demonstrates to potential editors and agents I have demand in the market, and as the readers of that picture book age, they might want to read my other books (which are all for older kids).


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