My Coronavirus Diary, Part 2

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I got several positive comments on the first part of my quarantine diary, so here are some more glimpses of life in the Klempner household while under Safer at Home orders here in L.A. Again, I’m using my Twitter account to document things as we go along.

Neighbor moved out, left
small shelf. Kid & hubs repaired
it. New work station!

There’s nothing that says I love you like me leaving the house bright & early, waiting in Target’s line 25 min, grabbing a cart full of groceries in 35 min, & returning to find no kids dressed enough to shlep groceries from the car, then have one of my kids say, “What? No flour?”

Two stores and still no
flour. At least I now have two
types of seedlings?
Apr 28
a #haiku for when in #quarantine w/5 people in 850 sq ft:
That workout was great
but if I don’t bathe soon, my
kids will hose me down.

Honestly, one of the highlights of this quarantine has been eavesdropping on both the Torah learning and the banter between my 14 y o’s gemara rebbi and the students. Sometimes I laugh so loud, they have to put my kid on mute.

Officially in the “reorganizing” stage of #quarantine. We had to hold off returning stored items after Pesach b/c of plumbing & repairs after burst pipes. Thanks to a curb-rescued (the 1 mentioned yesterday) & throwing away a slew of stuff, our bedroom is no longer a horror show.

I hate snails. After eating holes in half of my strawberries to ripen this season, they got one of my freshly planted cucumber seedlings. I want all snails to die. Yes, I know this is an overreaction. Yes, I know about copper tape. #gardeningproblems

a #haiku for #writers during #coronavirus:

Cleaned desk. Bought flour at

last. Hung some artwork. Will I

#write tomorrow?

a #haiku for #distracted people:

Opened my laptop

to start my playlist an hour

ago. Still seated.

Feeling trepidation. I’m about to take a novella written in first person and change it to third and add another little twist. I have not worked on fiction since quarantine. Time to open the document. #writerproblems
Later the same day…
I worked on a piece of fiction for the first time since quarantine commenced. It felt good. I’ve still got it in me.
#writing during #quarantine is definitely a challenge.
a #haiku for #spring:
Passion fruit vine in
bloom. Forget-me-nots too. Stress
briefly forgotten.
Over #Shabbat, my kids beat me while playing: 7 Wonders, Splendor, Bananagrams, & Scrabble. The final one was after I gave my kid 3 words when she was stuck and was solely because she got points added to her total from the unused tiles of the rest of us.
I don’t mind losing, but after a couple weeks of this, where I have lost every game I have played, I am losing hope. I feel like I’m never going to win any game ever again. I suddenly understand why hope makes life more tolerable, even more so than “winning,” whatever that means.
My child does science
projects which trash my home. Will
she clean up the mess?
Just ate the same breakfast I ate 6/7 days a week white pregnant with my eldest. I ate it long after, too. (A bowl of oatmeal and Morningstar Farms breakfast sausage.) It was delicious and weirdly nostalgic.
My nearly 11-year-old just put on her school uniform for the first time since two days after Purim so she can be ready for a Zoom meeting. She’s grown A LOT in quarantine.
Morning workout, sun
shines through my window. Trying
to forget crazy folks.
a #haiku for a #spring while #school is online:
Handed my child two
strawberries from my garden–
became show and tell!
May 7th
Printing out for my Zoom #writing group! We haven’t met in person (obviously) but even online in two months. SO EXCITED, I TELL YOU!!! I’m gonna get me some GOOOOD feedback!

The same day…

Violet emerges from concrete

A #haiku for #coronavirus :

Strolling last night, I

spied this violet, a forgot-

ten seed now blooming.





4 thoughts on “My Coronavirus Diary, Part 2

  1. I also did a first person to third person switch recently on my work in progress. It seemed to help.

    We haven’t needed to buy flour (we usually have loads and none of us bakes much), but we had a rice shortage for a while. Fortunately some came in the delivery today.


    • I got flour today because I was flexible when they didn’t have exactly what I wanted, and they are still out of toilet paper. Argh!

      I’m glad to hear your first to third POV switch helped, because I’m nervous and can use that reassurance.

      Liked by 1 person

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