Exciting news for my fellow female Orthodox writers!

On May 3rd and 4th, JWWS–the Jewish Women’s Writers’ Summit–will be taking place. JWWS is an online two-day event for frum women interested in all things writing, reading, publishing and networking. The seminar is now in its 10th year, its second online.  

Photo by Vlada Karpovich on Pexels.com

It includes presentations by leading names in the industry (see the schedule here), ways to book a private time with different publishers (see that here ), tons of inspiration, writing tips, networking, and valuable information. And this year I’m also presenting!

Come join this incredible event with me. You will get so much out of this unique writers’ summit–I know I will. And I’d love to see your face on my Zoom on May 3rd!

4 thoughts on “Exciting news for my fellow female Orthodox writers!

  1. Hi,
    My name is Chani Kramer. I love writing but am not published anywhere and sometimes dream of submitting an article to the Binah which I read weekly. I just discovered your post “How to write for Jewish Publications”, and I have a question which you may be able to help me with: I often I have an inspirational personal experience/aha moment etc. which would theoretically fit in the “Reality Check” column. Before working extensively on an article which may be turned down, is it acceptable to initially submit a draft/outline to see if they’re interested in such a piece, or does one have to present a complete piece and then just hope for the best?

    Thanks so much for taking the time to read and respond (if suitable to you).


    • Usually, they want to see a complete piece. I’d make sure you get feedback from some writing buddies, if possible, so that you have a really polished draft, and then make sure that the tone, word count, and content matches up with the Reality Check column’s style.


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