Take 2 Books and Call Me in the Morning: British docs prescribe books for patients

Therapeutic reading?

pill tablet prescription

Imagine popping a couple chapters of a book instead of two of these.

Newspapers are reporting that doctors in the United Kingdom will be prescribing self-help and health books as reading material for those suffering from a variety of mild-to-moderate mental ailments, such as mild depression, anxiety and panic attacks. The CEO of the British charity the Reading Agency,┬áMiranda McKearney, explained in an article in The Guardian, “There is a growing evidence base that shows that self-help reading can help people with certain mental health conditions to get better.”

Wales has already started the recommended reading program, with England scheduled to start in a few months. Continue reading

Another picture book about children’s safety issues

Yoni Ploni Never Talks to Strangers!

A few weeks ago, I reported about Yoni Ploni Never Talks to Strangers, a book written about personal safety specifically for children in the Jewish community. (See the original post here.) This book is now available through the Israel Book Shop website.

Another book on this topic has just been released: Artscroll’s Let’s Stay Safe. This book had a wider subject area than Yoni Ploni…, as it covers such topics as crossing the street, bicycle safety, etc. as well as stranger safety. You can find Let’s Stay Safe at Jewish bookstores and online on the Artscroll website.