Abandoned but not forgotten: My startling discovery about the websites of my past

surprised man

“No, really?”

This past weekend, I visited a couple of websites/blogs that I designed in the past but that I had stopped maintaining because they simply zapped too much of my time. One is about running “mommy camp” for your family over the summer, the other is about finding cheap, “kosher” fun around Southern California for families and date nights. I was curious to know how they are doing, because ever since the local day schools went on Chanukah vacation last week, I’d been receiving emails and phone calls for activity recommendations. I wondered how many people had headed to my website instead of to the phone.

Lo and behold! The sites are actually doing quite well. Continue reading

Moving day!

I just moved to this new WordPress URL after several years at Blogger. Instead of packing a suitcase, I imported my posts from my old Blogger site. Why the move? I felt I needed a fresher look and some features that Blogger just doesn’t have. Most importantly, I now can post PDFs of pieces I’ve published in the past in order for you folks to see a little of what I do. Just take a peek at “Want to read a story?” in the menu above.