Passover looming ahead: Not quite panicking yet

Due to the onslaught of housework, etc., that Pesach entails, as well as some nifty work assignments, I’ll be posting less for the next month or so. However, I do want to share with my readers several bits of good news:

  • G-d willing, my new serial — tentatively titled “Glixman in a Fix” — will begin to appear in the Binah BeTween supplement starting the we Passover starts. “Glixman in a Fix” is a story of family and intrigue centering on a teen in L.A. whose aunt mysteriously disappears and whose family pretends it hasn’t happened.
  • Also in that Pesach edition of Binah, readers will find the Twirl teen supplement, which I expect to contain my story “Losing Miri,” about a girl who returns from her seminary year in Israel to discover…you’ll have to read it to see.
  • Just after Passover, I hope to post an interview with Tzivia Erlich-Klein, the author of an exciting new picture book coming out.

Do any of my readers want to share good news? Got something lined up to be published around Passover time, for example? Share in the comments.

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