Short story in Hamodia’s story supplement!

While I’m still waiting for Glixman‘s arrival, I’ve got a nice surprise for my readers. The story supplement for Hamodia‘s English edition for Pesach – due out today, I think – contains a short story by me. It’s called “Freedom,” and it’s near-future science fiction. I went for a very old-fashioned sci-fi/fantasy style, the fake travelogue, and I’m please with the way the final draft turned out, although it was quite a struggle to get everything ship-shape.

G-d willing, I’ll have another short story published, online this time, in just about a month. I’m very excited about that, too.

I don’t expect to blog next week or the week after, due to Passover, but hope to be back after that.

If you celebrate Passover, have a happy, meaningful, and kosher one!

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