The Good News, and the Bad News (No Ugly News, thank G-d)

glixman31The Good News: I’m posting at my regular Wednesday time!

The Bad News: I skipped the last two weeks, even though Passover was over.

The Good News: Glixman in a Fix is officially for sale!

The Bad News: …only in Israel.

The Good News: My publisher says books will be in the U.S. some time next week.

The Bad News: I still haven’t finished my next novel.

The Good News: I have a story up on Hevria for you to read.

Even Better News: Unlike obtaining most of my other fiction, it’s free and it’s flash fiction, so it’ll take only about 5 minutes out of your day.

That story got very strong reactions, positive and negative, from early readers. If you read it and want to tell me how YOU reacted, comment on this post.

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