Exploring other media to conquer writer’s block

So, earlier this week, I had a case of the blahs. I suppose I didn’t technically have writer’s block–the problem was more that I didn’t want to do anything, not that I couldn’t write–but the results were the same.

My muddle

My best friend phoned. I told her my sad story. I didn’t want to write. I felt uncreative and just foggy in the head. She suggested I do something different, maybe go for a walk. Just don’t even try to write. Reboot.

The way out

For some reason, I’ve been getting back into art gradually over the last year. As a child and teen, I loved art, but like many people quit when I realized my mediocrity.

poem collage

My collage poem.

I’ve been taking a lot of photos lately, even framing them and displaying them in my home. I’ve done a bit of sketching, as well, although that tends to send me back to a place where all I see is my lack of skill instead of getting pleasure from exercising what skill I have.

Anyway, after my phone call, I was itching to make a collage. I didn’t give into the itch right away, but as my kids settled in for homework this evening, I grabbed a couple magazines and a pair of scissors. 

Writing that isn’t writing

At first, I aimed to transcribe a chapter of Psalms, but then I started writing an original poem of my own. My brain just arranged the words I was clipping in my head. It was like I tricked my brain, which had no desire to write, into creating literature through paper, scissors, and glue stick. It didn’t feel like writing because I never typed words or wrote longhand.

It’s a bit hard to read the poem in the photograph, so I’ll transcribe it here:

A vision.
Ask Hashem for help
The Timeless One Who is running the world.
Today, connect your life to service of Heaven!
How do you find peace?
Learn this:
Peace springs from knowing
the One.
Discover His saving

Not first-rate poetry, but therapeutic. I felt so much better when I was done. Like my day was not a wash. I’d accomplished something.

Have you ever remedied writer’s block by delving into your artistic side? Have you tricked your brain into rebooting? Please share your experience in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Exploring other media to conquer writer’s block

  1. I like to do little crafty things when I’m having a creative block, especially things with felt and fabric scraps. It helps to refocus you because your brain is doing something so different from writing. I haven’t done a collage in years, though — that’s a great idea!


  2. I also try to do this when I’m feeling a bit bored by my writing to-do list. Sometimes I’ll try writing poetry. I’ve never studied art, but last summer I bought one of those teach yourself to draw books and have had some pleasant hours with that. I think it’s important to get outside your familiar world every once in a while and try something different – even just looking at art or reading poetry is refreshing.


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