Signs you might want to buy one of my new books


(Do I sound excited?)

Mazal’s Luck Runs Out is for ages 8-11.

My life is being taken over by marketing (What? Did you say there’s a Jewish holiday coming? More than one? You mean I have to cook, too? ARGH!). Also, I’m working on no budget here, but at least people can actually buy both Mazal’s Luck Runs Out and Sliding Doors and other stories online now.

With no further ado…

Sliding Doors and other stories is for readers 11-16.


  1. Your children are obsessed with reading Binah Bunch, Binyan, Mishpacha Junior, or Aim!.
  2. You have been caught reading their copies of Binah Bunch, Binyan, Mishpacha Junior, or Aim!.
  3. (Possibly more than once.)
  4. Your kids cried when Glixman in a Fix wrapped up. (Maybe you did, too.)
  5. You’ve noticed that Rebecca Klempner is not writing for kid mags anymore and you need a fix.
  6. Your mom/spouse/kid/house cleaning professional accidentally threw out all your back copies of Binyan containing stories about Chaim Mendel. (They were trying to be helpful. Forgive them. It’s almost Yom Kippur.)
  7. You want to know who Chaim Mendel is. (What, you don’t know already!?!)
  8. You like fantasy and sci-fi and you don’t believe someone can write Jewish fantasy or sci-fi. It’s just not possible.
  9. You like stories where kids and teens have real problems and solve them, maybe with a little help from adults. Or magic hourglasses.
  10. You think Rebecca Klempner is a little crazy, but you like her style.

I don’t think you’ll hear from me for the next couple weeks, so have a healthy and meaningful fast, if you celebrate Yom Kippur, and enjoy the Sukkos holiday that follows on its heels.

Got another reason to buy one of my new books? Leave it in a comment on this post!

5 thoughts on “Signs you might want to buy one of my new books

  1. Another reason…it’s way more affordable than books put out by traditional publishers. I can’t wait to get our copy of Mazal. I love that your story is set in the LA Persian community.Wishing you much hatzlacha, Aviva


    • Sliding Doors: 11-16 y o and familiar. (No glossary, for example, of Hebrew terms, and I made the assumption readers know the social standards of Orthodox life because the stories were initially written for Hareidi magazines.)

      Mazal’s Luck Runs Out: 8-11 y o, either for girls or boys who don’t mind reading about a nearly all-female cast of characters (I’ve got a boy like that.). It’s also got a lot of Hebrew terms, as well as a couple Farsi ones, but there is a glossary in the back of this one. There is some talk about tznius, which might make some readers uncomfortable, and an Orthodox-style bat mitzvah, with no layning or the like.


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