I forgot to do something before Pesach!!!

Shortly before Passover hit (I hope everyone had a good one) I had the pleasure of being interviewed by long-time colleague and friend, Merri Ukraincik. Her new Substack newsletter, Days of Rest, has been running for a couple months now, and she chose me as her first interviewee for an ongoing section called, “The Creative Pause.” Merri—who is, like me, an Orthodox Jew—wants to know how other frum artists negotiate the requires respite from creation on Shabbat. We talked about ideas which pop up on Shabbos, parenting as a creative, encorporating faith into our art, my favorite part of Shabbos, and a bit about my forthcoming picture book, How to Welcome an Alien. You can find the full newsletter, including Merri’s interview of me, here.

Photo by Jens Mahnke on Pexels.com

In other writing news:

-I’m scribbing and submitting, scribbling and submitting. I hope to have good news for you soon.

-ARCs—advance review copies—of How to Welcome an Alien are now going out. I got my first review and others are forthcoming. If you’ve got a child, student, nephew, niece, or the like who is 4 – 7 years old, you might want to preorder the book. You can do that on Amazon.

If you read the interview I link to above, I’d love to hear your thought in the comments. 🙂

They’re here….

Finally, my copies of Adina at Her Best have arrived! (<— You can click that link to purchase it so you can hold your copy, too.)


They got lost in transit, so my publisher sent out a second shipment. Continue reading

My most recent book review: Calling Out to You by Tehilla Edelman

Last week, The Jewish Home L.A. published my book review of Tehilla Edelman’s new anthology about depression and anxiety disorders in the Orthodox world, Calling Out to You.

Here’s the review.


Calling Out to You

Not only is the book an amazing resource for observant Jews with mental illness, but it’s also essential reading for their rabbis, principals, therapists, family, and friends. The format is innovative as it contains not only articles about treating depression, OCD, and the like, but also poems and narratives written by patients themselves. Highly recommended.

Novelization of Glixman in a Fix: contract signed, book IY”H due out next year

For a while now, I’ve been sitting on a little morsel of news, because I’m exceedingly paranoid about the evil eye (embarrassing, but true): I’ve signed a contract with Menucha Publishers for the novelization of Glixman in a Fix, my serial from Binah BeTween.

This morning, I received the list of changes the editor would like to see in the novelization. The list is totally reasonable, and mostly consists of changes I suggested in the first place, mostly fixing loose ends I dropped and introducing an idea earlier in the text so that it’s less surprising when it pops up near the end.

For some reason, I feel short of breath and ill to the stomach, like I’m about 5 minutes away from a panic attack. I’m not sure if it’s excitement or fear of failure triggering my parasympathetic nervous system. I’m pretty sure I’m experiencing both.

Assuming I complete the changes and everything else (editing, book design, proofreading, etc.) runs on schedule, the book will – G-d willing! – be published next summer-ish. You’ll get updates on all breaking news as the situation develops. 😉

Signs you might want to buy one of my new books


(Do I sound excited?)

Mazal’s Luck Runs Out is for ages 8-11.

My life is being taken over by marketing (What? Did you say there’s a Jewish holiday coming? More than one? You mean I have to cook, too? ARGH!). Also, I’m working on no budget here, but at least people can actually buy both Mazal’s Luck Runs Out and Sliding Doors and other stories online now.

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