My most recent book review: Calling Out to You by Tehilla Edelman

Last week, The Jewish Home L.A. published my book review of Tehilla Edelman’s new anthology about depression and anxiety disorders in the Orthodox world, Calling Out to You.

Here’s the review.


Calling Out to You

Not only is the book an amazing resource for observant Jews with mental illness, but it’s also essential reading for their rabbis, principals, therapists, family, and friends. The format is innovative as it contains not only articles about treating depression, OCD, and the like, but also poems and narratives written by patients themselves. Highly recommended.

8 thoughts on “My most recent book review: Calling Out to You by Tehilla Edelman

  1. This sounds amazing. Would you by any chance be open to letting me borrow it to read? I read fast if that makes a difference 🙂

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  2. This looks like a really great and important book! During the (unfortunately many) years I’ve been suffering with mental health issues, I’ve noticed a real lack of Orthodox, or even non-Orthodox-but-Jewish, books. The anthology format sounds intriguing too. Now to work out how I can get hold of a copy…

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  3. Several people told me they had the same problem when they were in the UK or Israel. A few of them solved this by getting an e-reader. But I’m not sure this one has an e-book version yet.


    • Yes, I’ve had the problem with other Jewish books in the past. Amazon Marketplace in Amazon UK can be good (some US independent booksellers sell to the UK through it) and once or twice I’ve bought things straight from Amazon US and paid the extra shipping, but the book doesn’t seem to be available there either.


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